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We have been experiencing blue flags being displayed incorrectly on Qualifying sessions. Drivers behind or infront may appear blue flagged on the track map when they are on a hot/timed lap. We think this issue appeared since the Joker Lap was introduced on the Nordschleife track.

This issue is currently adressed with 505 and we are hoping for a quick fix. Untill then please just try to create yourself a comfortable gap on your outlap and do so off the racing line! DO NOT stack up on the final corner to start your lap when there is a car behind!

⚖️ XCL BoP

Since we are now implementing BoP on all races of 45 minutes or longer the live XCL Balance of Performance will be displayed on the website

Our XCL BoP is a mix of the LFM and Pitskill ones and tweaked towards the current console ACC game version. The BoP is updated frequently. In general we aim our BoP to make older and slower car models more competitive on all tracks. Positive numbers mean we add KG's to that car, negative numbers mean we make that car lighter on that track. We hope this will bring closer racing and if it is well recieved it might be implemented on the regular daily races aswell. If your ballast is not matching the website please let us know!


Server Detail will now directly be displayed after signing up on the website! So you don't have to go search your spam boxes for the password anymore! If you are on the waitinglist the details will obviously not be shared.

This might take some time to be implemented for all our events. Should you miss it, let the corresponding event manager know!

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