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XCL Credits

Earn points and turn them into rewards

How do the XCL Credits work?


Sign Up

Sign up to XCL and become a XCL Member!

Once you have made your account you will recieve the XCL Member Badge together with your first 50 XCL Credits.

Start your journey and collect as many Credits as you can!


Get XCL Credits

You can gain XCL Credits by competing in our events.

Daily event event give you
10 XCL Credits for every race you attend.


Top 3 of every Championship gain their Championship points returned in XCL Credits


Claim Rewards

Once you have earned enough XCL Credits you can start spending them! 

Go to your profile's, XCL Credits page and select the rewards you want discount codes for! 
You can get free Memberships, discounts on coaching and many more!

Unlock the full potential of XCL 
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