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  • What is XCL?
    XCL stands for Xbox Community League and is a sim racing community specifically for Xbox Series X and S. It is founded in the beginning of 2023 by various Discord League admins who hosted league racing for Assetto Corsa Competizione througout the year. There was a growing demand for a good base where all these communities could come together for casual and competitive racing. And so XCL was born.
  • How do I sign up for XCL?
    First you have to create an account. This can be done by clicking the "sign up" button on the homepage or go to the profile icon on the top right off the page header. Now you have your profile, head over to "XCL Rating" tab on the bar of the website. Here you can sign up for your rating by clicking the button on top. Fill the form with your Gamertag, your most used drivernumber and select the 1500 XCL Rating. Submit the form and you should appear on the list within 24 hours. Please don't submit twice. Double accounts are forbidden and can lead to a ban from XCL. Once you see your name on the leaderboard you are good to go.
  • Is XCL free to use?
    XCL was built by the community, for the community. We are a group of dedicated and very passionate players who want to offer the best experience for console sim racers, completely free of charge.
  • How is XCL funded?
    XCL is completely made on a voluntary basis. But you can imagine that all of this must have a price tag. It does, and therefore we depend on voluntary donations from the community. With these donations we can keep the website, servers, and the game running and continue our development. We are very grateful for every donation and we highly appreciate all the love and support.
  • Is Playstation also supported?
    Since the beginning of 2024, crossplay for consoles has been enabled, and now we can happily play together with Playstation owners as well! We know the name doesn't really suit Playstation, but don't let it spoil the fun - join the biggest ACC console community today!
  • What is XCL Rating?
    XCL Rating reflects the strength of the respective driver through a elo rating calculation. Every new driver who registers on XCL starts with a rating of 1500. After every race on our platform in which the XCL calculation is active, a corresponding adjustment takes place depending on the final position. Over time, the XCL Rating is adjusted to a value that corresponds to the real race pace of the driver. Furthermore, the XCL Rating is used to divide the field into groups of approximately equal strength (so-called splits) if there are enough registered drivers, in order to ensure the most interesting racing experience possible.
  • How does the XCL Rating system work?
    The XCL Rating system, like many others, is based on an elo rating system. If you want to know more about this type of calculations you can search for "elo rating system" in your desired search engine. It is orginated in chess and was originally created for a 2 player game. We have adapted our sytem to give the entire grid (up to 30 drivers) a rating. It starts by distributing XCL Rating over the competing drivers every race. Top half of the field will ussually gain XCL Rating, whilst the bottom half will lose XCL Rating. Then it compares your base XCL Rating to the rest of the drivers that are in the same race. This will give you an expected winchance, based on your competetors and the Strength of the Field (SoF). If you finish above your expected finishing position you will gain bonus XCL Rating which will be added to the rating based on your finishing position. If you finish lower than expected extra XCL Rating gets detracted from the base distribution.
  • I got a decent result, but still lost rating? How come?
    The rating gets distributed over the amount of drivers that are in the lobby, taking in account their rating and the strenght of field (SoF). Your rating gets calculated between those that finish above and below you. Should you finish in the bottom half of the field, it will be logical you lose rating. Your old Rating might save you from losing XCL Rating if you still finish above your expected finishing position. In example; 30 drivers in an equal SoF, top 15/16 gain rating. But the others lose rating. If a driver with 3000 XCL rating finishes 10th in a 1500 SoF lobby with 30 drivers, the driver might lose XCL Rating aswell because the system expects him to win, this is due to the elo system.
  • I gained +6 XCL-Rating but my rating went from 1505 to 1510?
    The numbers in the XCL-Rating Leaderboard and in the XCL-Rating results are rounded. But a rating of 1505 could actually look like this: 1504,548872664026, in our system. Say your rating is: 1504,548 (1505) and you gain 5,612526 (6) the result will be 1510,160526 (1510)
  • Where can I see the rating changes?
    As long as the XCL Rating system is not fully intergrated to the website you must join our discord to see the Rating changes. Here we post results and Rating changes after every race.
  • Why isn't there a hotstint to get people in higher classes faster?
    We don't use hotstints for a couple reasons; First, with hotstints you get sandbaggers, fast people not caring and putting a far slower time in then they actually could do if they tried. Then you have your sweats, people spending so much time on a hotstint to set a far faster time then they would do in a normal race situation. We feel there are people with a lot of racecraft not being able to set the fastest times and people being very capable of setting very fast laps with very poor racecraft which the XCL Rating system is very much exposing. The current XCL Rating leaderboard is a pretty good represetation of how good the drivers within XCL are due to either good racecraft, pace or both. The Rating system is designed to rewards lower rated more if they can win from higher rated drivers. So pick your races and multipliers carefully and you'll be where you feel you should be very quickly.
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