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As promised we made a lot of changes to the website! Maybe you have seen a couple new features already, but I will sum up all new stuff here:

HOMEPAGE Since the Nordschleife arrived we have set up a Nordschleife TT Server (password: xcl7) The fastest laptime will be displayed on our homepage for at least full Season 9 and maybe we'll keep this feature. As soon as you set a fastest lap your name will be gloryfied on top of the XCL website!

NORDSCHLEIFE When you click the link, or navigate trough the Events menu, you can now see a dedicated Nordschleife page where you can retrieve the server password and see all Nordschleife Laptimes.

COACHING SESSIONS Then we will also be offering Coaching Session, book a hour session with one of the top Esport Drivers. Calendars still need some updating but soon you will be able to select your own coach (easy for certain languages) and learn how to improve your driving! You can find this by navigating trough the menu Community -> Coaching Session

XCLUSIVE MEMBERS Added an easy sign up. All special events will be displayed on top and above VIP Seats. We will keep improving this page with all the best features for an easy and better working User Interface.

PROFILE Profile pages are finally updated aswell! You will now only see what's needed, it is a simplified menu. From the profile page you can now see your private messages, your events, your XCL Credits and your bookings (coaching sessions)

XCL CREDITS Finally, it's here! You can now spend your XCL Credits! Get discounts on memberships, coaching sessions and many more!!!

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