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XCLusive Esports 🔥


The Final Round of the IXR Endurance Cup is here!

The 6 Hours of Laguna Seca 🇺🇸 🥵

Our team is leading this Championship but is followed closely behind by the Schwitzer Motorsport team and still anything can happen!

Congrats to @🇫🇮RINGMASTER991 who has signed for the XCLusive Esports team this week and will be making his debut for the team here! #nopressure

P1 in the Championship, the #788 McLaren



@🇬🇧 Fazzy Binx

P2 in the Championship, the #787 McLaren

@🇵🇹 | LicoPT

@Deriics 🐤


We hope to have a broadcast or a live stream to follow the times but most drivers will be streaming and streams will be shared later!

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