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Ninjachase109/Chase J
May 30, 2023 · changed the group description.
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Welcome. This group is being made as to hopefully provide setups per car and track. Im hoping to find other users that are willing to provide they're setups to others. Note we do not take paid setups (I.E GO setups. CDA setups. Hymo setups. Etc.) DM me on discord at @Ninjachase109#6916 if you wish to send your tunes into the group. and if you wished to be known as a "specialist" just let me know ahead of time Current allowed tuners Ninjachase109/Chase J (Ferrari/porsche specialist) Gabriel Özcakir/Menro(porsche/lambo specialist) Nathan Smyth-Adams (Aston martin specialist) Klorpte Rich Spencer AKA IXRTOOL(BMW specialist) DaredLight(porsche specialist) Adam Shaw AKA as01 TLR AKA Toby presser Daviehill 5413 AKA SLRDAVIE(Honda specialist) Antti Karesola/MRTGDpartic(ferrari/BMW specialist) Stefano Farì AKA Stefoark(BMW specialist) Dick Trickle (Aston martin specialist) this list will get updated when new tuners get permission.

Richard Lynch


Welcome. This group is being made as to hopefully provide se...


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