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It has arrived! A new season, and with all the practise we have done on Nords in Season 9, we thought it was about time we bring the biggest 24H race to console! We could not have done this alone and have found a partner in ATR who will be organising this event alongside us! Other changes you will see this season:


Rookies Only Race 8pm BST added (starting next week)


We will be expermenting in the 7pm slot to see what fits well untill a new championship arrives.

We are working with another partner to get US Timezoned races going here. Keep your eyes peeled, 1-4 am BST races will be added soon.


11am BST Race will get split up into 2 events!

10am BST will be a 30 min GT3 Race

12pm BST will be a 45 min GT3 Race (equal to the 7pm Endurance Race but half the lenght)


The 11pm Super Sprint will go back to a 30min regular Sprint race with pitstop for fuel.

We will also look to expand on sundays events on the day.


We have been transitioning in SEASON 9 already for these, but the changes will be fully implemented in SEASON 10.

From now on, all 45 minute races or longer have the following settings:

BoP added

Pitstop for fuel, fixed stop time is 25 seconds.

For Championship races rules can be different

The pitstop strategy allowes you to swap for tyres if needed in exchange for a 5 second longer pitstop. You might lose your lead, but have the edge on your rival towards the end.

These changes should be fixed on our server and not change but like every always follow server settings ingame! Servers are set by humans, and we can sometimes make mistakes.


As mentioned above AZZTECH RACING (ATR) is now our official partner for the big Nordschleife 24h event. It will be very usefull to join their discord to stay updated on the event.

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