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UPDATE 22/04/24


To keep everyone motivated, we will no longer only give rating to the top 50! So every driver that competes will be rated towards their current XCL rating and the SoF (Strength of Field)

Go check out your new ratings and get ready for the next round!


The final round of the IXR Endurance Cup is upon us in 18 days! May 11th we will fight it out on Laguna Seca with all to play for still! We still have 2 open seats if you want to join in on on of the biggest endurance events!

Head over to the websites championship side and click the XCLusive Endurance Badge.


The XCL MEMBERSHIPS are now working! We are still working on getting everything in place for the VIP plan and untill then, both XCL Supporter and XCLusive Member will have some perks and extra's (like VIP seats) which will transfer into the VIP plan later.

It will have to be by either credit card or trough paypal. Other payment plans like Google Pay/Apple Pay/Ideal don't work with recurring payments it seems.

The Track Vote will start in Season 9 which is in 2 weeks!

💜 If you want to support us with a small monthly donation you can do so here You can always cancel your subscription monthly.


Offcourse we will also keep the donations open for those who don't want to commit to a subscription!

If you would like to help us out by donating you can do so here.

We appreciate you guys so much for helping us out on the financial side and every penny counts in keeping the train going and improving ever so!

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