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SEASON 9 + v1.9.10.4


Next week it's happening! We are moving into the new season and I can tell you we have some awesome racing planned again!

The biggest change will offcourse come in Nurburgring 24 being added into the daily races. But you can also expect new seasons of Championships! More on this later 🔥


Woops...they did it again. Seems like ACC informed Gportal this time as everything on the server sides seems to be ok, but they now forgot to tell Microsoft there was an update coming 😉😂

This causes the game to not start on Xbox Series S/X online mode. If you want to play the game you can do this by setting your xbox to your home xbox and going offline.


Nordschleife is one of the longest and most demanding tracks in the world. Due to the size of the track ACC had to disable mid session replays to allow optimal performance when racing. This means that you will not be able to view the replays DURING an on going session.

However you will still be able to save the replay and watch it back post race though.


All events will remain to go ahead as planned. You can stay signed up or even still sign in because when they fix the game, we will be ready to go live again aswell!

If a race is canceled or will go ahead with only PS5 members there will be no penalties given for the DNSes. So you don't have to be worried of losing XCL ratings atm.

PS5 membrs are stll allowed to race, opposite to yesterday, if you have enough for a ranked race feel free to just race as planned 👍


We have strong hopes the devs will fix this today as this should be their top priority I am certain. We will keep you informed! Please troughout the day also keep checking the online acces and let us know if you got new info or something changed!

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